A modern take on the classic UK pub.

Q: What’s your claim to fame?

 We were the first place to really showcase craft cocktails in Mount Pleasant. Over the last 10 years we’ve really paved the way for a lot of restaurants that have come up in this neighbourhood that showcase cocktails as their focus, craft beer and wines, we’re very proud to be one of leaders in all of that.

What makes you different from other pubs?

 We’re modelled after a classic uk pub, the element of that is community, and it’s the public house, It’s all about people getting together. You may not know the people sitting beside you but if you’re there long enough, you’ll be talking to them, sharing good times, laughs, jokes…that’s the core of what we are.

 If mount pleasant were a cocktail, which cocktail would it be?

We’re most famous for our old fashion. It was one of our first drinks that came onto our cocktail menu and showcasing what we do. Still our most popular drink whether it’s a Monday night or a Friday night, the old fashion reigns supreme. It’s pretty awesome.

What is the most popular thing on the menu?

 Number one on our menu is the halibut, we do a nice greek yogurt, fresh basil, tomato, thyme, citrus arancini, we sell out almost nightly. Outside of that is a burger. We’ve had the same burger on the menu for almost 10 years. People keep coming back for it. It’s kinda known on main street as the best one there is.

What’s something worth sharing about Cascade?

 If there’s another cocktail that would be our signature it would be Professor Suzuki, it’s kinda our unique little twist on a cosmopolitan. Delicious , refreshing, summer drink. It’s a great drink to have in the winter time too. It’s phenomenal. People love it.


2616 Main St
Vancouver, BC V5T 3E6


Mon to Thurs: 4pm-1am*
Fri to Sat: 4pm-2am*
Sunday: 4pm-12am*


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