Serving up the finest coffee to Vancouver’s West End community since September, 1993, Delany’s on Denman continues to focus on great coffee and great service, day after day. For coffee that comes with a warm greeting and a familiar face, Delany’s is your go-to.

Delany’s Coffee House


1105 Denman St
Vancouver, BC V6G 2M7 1V3
(604) 662-3344

Mon – Fri : 6am-7pm
Sat & Sun: 6.30am-7pm
Q: Can you tell us about what type of business Delany’s is?

A: More than just a coffee shop, Delany’s is a community gathering spot. It takes a village to craft coffee this good. It’s a given that we have excellent coffee, but we strive to deliver an excellent experience.

Q: What sets you apart from other businesses in your niche?

A: One of the original specialty coffee shops in Vancouver.


Q: What are you known for?

A: First coffee shop to communicate with people by their name, not by name of drink.


Q: What is your most popular drink?

A: Chocolate whipped cream on top of a hot chocolate mocha.


Q: How do you participate in your community?

A: Involvement in local community events since 1993. At Delany’s we welcome all age, race, and genders and are a big supporter for local elementary and high school events and Lynn Valley Days.


Q:What do you do to get the word out about your coffee shop?

A: Social Media, like our Instagram. New Product Launches and In-Store Events.


Q: What do you value most when visiting other businesses?

A: The overall customer experience in the business. The positive stories fuel word of mouth.


Q:What inspires and motivates you on a daily basis?

A: The coffee community is a powerful force that binds people together. We get to socialize with so many people. Our goal is to “make 1 person’s day a day” by going above and beyond to be upbeat and positive.


Q:Any tips for new business owners?

A: Surround yourself with energetic and passionate people.


Q:Do you have a goal you want to reach for 2019?

A: Continue to satisfy and deliver. We have won Reader’s Choice Award for North Shore 22 years in a row. We evolve and adapt to competitors energy and consumers desires.


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