Fiore is an Italian inspired restaurant located in the heart of South Granville neighborhood. Their goal is to bring people together and keep them intrigued by the ever-changing wine list and menu. They use the best local ingredients and turn them into delicious creations following the “eat with your eyes” philosophy.

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Q: What’s your business slogan or tagline?

A: Neighborhood restaurant – Simple recipes done right.

Q: What sets you apart from other businesses in your niche?

A: We use local ingredients to make handcrafted Italian food from scratch. Our wine list is also from Matthew Landry, voted the best sommelier in BC in 2019!

Q: What are you known for/want to be known for?

A: Quality food, diverse and interesting wine list, cozy environment, and being an active part of the community.

Q: What are your most popular menu items?

A: Pappardelle Bolognese and our Negroni Lounge.

Q: How do you participate in your community?

A: We were created to be a small neighborhood gathering place for all to visit.

Q: How do you spread the word about your business?

A: We use Google Ads, Social Media, and word of mouth to spread the word about Fiore.

Q:What do you value most in other businesses?

A: Customer service and a personalized experience.

Q:What inspires and motivates you on a daily basis?

A: Bringing value to the community so friends and family can gather for a great meal with great conversation.

Q:Any tips to pass on to new business owners?

A: Start advertising before you open, and never stop.

Q:Do you have any goals for the remainder of 2019?

A: Maintain the quality of the experience and expand the range of food and wine offered.



1485 West 12th Ave,
Vancouver BC
(604) 558-1485

Tue – Sat:
5pm – 10pm

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