Sep 16, 2019

Following the Right People – A Strategy That Works

Do you follow accounts on Instagram with strategy in mind? There are four separate groups of people you should be keeping tabs on through your social media channels in order to stay in touch with your customers, changing trends, and on top of your Instagram game.

1. Influencers within your niche

Influencers are an important part of optimizing your social media marketing. Advertising through influencers helps your brand connect with clients/customers through the account of someone who they engage with, follow, and trust. Following these various influencers can help you find the ones that resonate the most with your brand, which could lead to a beautiful mutually beneficial partnership that stretches your reach across numerous channels.

2. Neighbours/Partners

Whether it is businesses in your area, or brands that you work with, following them on social media helps solidify your connection and makes engaging with them on a regular basis simple and routine. It helps to extend your relationship with these brands past the rare face-to-face chat, but to a daily occurrence, keeping your business fresh in their feed (and their mind).

3. Brands that inspire

Following brands that you are inspired by is a great way to add excitement and motivation into your feed. Take note of what exactly it is that captivates you and find out how you can incorporate it into your business to captivate your audience in similar ways. If they have captured your attention, you can be sure that they are capturing their customer’s attention as well.

4. Your Competitors

You probably are keeping an eye on your competitors on social media already, but following them ensures that you never miss a post. Following your competitors can help you understand the information that they have on your audience and their methods of engaging with them. Keeping tabs on them is more than just competitive research, but paying attention to it can also clue you in to your customer base wants and needs.

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