Aug 6, 2019

How to Get The Most Out of Your Social Media

Did you know that there are 500 million daily active users on Instagram? A few small steps can go a long way in creating a social media feed that attracts new customers, maintains customer retention, and solidifies your brand. Your customers (and potential customers) are using social media to communicate with businesses. These steps will help teach you what you need to build a strategy, where to hone in your focus, and how to take advantage of #Shareworthy as a tool to put yourself in front of users that are already using social media to inspire their buying decisions.

1. First Things First – Update Your Account

Before you get posting – take a few minutes to review your account. Whether this means checking the links in your bio to make sure they are active, or double checking that your contact information is up-to-date, it is an important first step to take to ensure that when someone does visit your page – they have all of the information available to easily engage with your business. Let people know you’re Shareworthy by adding it in your bio!

Did you know that you can add hashtags and links in your bio? This makes it easy to direct your followers to your latest promotions, news, or posts.

2. Follow the “Rule of Third”

The structure is the secret to creating a valuable and successful social media channel. Following the “Rule of Third” is one of the most basic ways to balance your messaging, while avoiding having a stream that feels overly promotional. To follow this rule, make sure you mix up the three following posts on your feed:

Promotional Posts -These include posts related to your products, sales, special offers, and essentially anything related directly to your business.

Sharing Posts -These include sharing posts from your clients/customers, local influencers, industry related news, or other businesses. This is a great spot to highlight your #Shareworthy award or share posts from our page or other Shareworthy recipients. Letting people know that you are Shareworthy creates a bond between you and other Shareworthy businesses while building credibility with your client base.

Conversational Posts -These include anything that can engage your audience such as asking a question, posting a motivational quote, tips, fun facts, or giveaways.

If you need help with finding inspiration of what to post on your page, send us a note, we’re full of ideas!

3. Create and Use Industry Related Hashtags

Using hashtags on Instagram is an important tool to find businesses, customers, and trends related to you.

Using hashtags that already exist within your community will help others that are already interested in similar interests find you, while creating your own will be a unique identifier that you and your customers can use to build your own community. To find hashtags that are relevant, brainstorm identifiers that you believe are important to your business, for example, #ShopLocal, #MadeInVancouver, #VancouverFoodie, #Wellness, #FunFacts, etc.

To spread the word about being a Shareworthy Nominee, use #Shareworthy on your posts so other Shareworthy nominees can find you too!

Pro-Tip: Do some research and create a list of hashtags saved in the notes in your phone that you can easily copy and paste into your posts to save time.

Pro-Pro-Tip: Create three separate lists, one for each of the different types of posts from tip #2. By switching it up you will garner more attention while attracting new audiences based on the target you are attempting to reach.

4. Talk to your customers!

Possibly one of the most important tips to creating a strong social media platform is to invite your customers, clients, and friends to become a part of it. Whether this means promoting your Instagram handle in-store or including it on your marketing materials, you are making efforts to engage the customer base that you already have, which turns what might be a one time customer into a loyal follower.

With Shareworthy, you are connected to a network of other businesses and their followers. Being engaged on Instagram (with either customers or other businesses) helps with brand recognition and allows you to become an active community member, rather than a ghost user.

5. Send us photos!

Having a big sale? Want to spread the word about new products? At Shareworthy, we are happy to promote Shareworthy recipients as much as we can. We’re in this together – send us an email to or Instagram message with details and photos to be featured on our account.

Stay tuned to read part #2 of our 10 Tips to Get The Most Out of Your Shareworthy Award Using Social Media.

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