At its core, Reclaimed Print Co. is an authentic, community minded print company that values the hard-work and creativity of its employees and artists. They are committed to showcasing local artistic talent by offering quality artworks & home decor products using locally sourced & sustainable wood at an approachable price point.
Every piece is designed with their clients in mind and carefully hand-crafted to ensure quality craftsmanship.

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Esther Shoop, General Manager
Q: What’s your business slogan or tagline?

A: “Sustainable Memories” is an ode to the material we print on (with pride!) and the types of images we print. We offer customized printing services for your most treasured personal images or offer a unique line of Canadian designs that will remind you of your travels and adventures in our beautiful country!

Q: What sets you apart from other businesses in your niche?

A: Hands-down – the quality and care that goes into the pieces and creativity in the designs.

Q: What are you known for?

A: Providing high quality, locally made and sustainable home decor items that are created by Canadian designers and artists or by you, with your own customized images.

Q: What are your most popular products?

A: Oh – good one! Coasters have traditionally been the top sellers as they are multifunctional. They can be used as a coaster OR hung easily on the wall. We offer “collections”, multiple images that work well together or stand out on their own. However, with our latest development into shape-cut magnets and veneer bookmarks, those too are quickly become a crowd favorite!

Q: How do you participate in your community?

A: Even though our wholesale vendor list continues to grow and we attend fit Expos etc. we remember where we started and frequently get out to local craft fairs, street festivals and pop-ups. It’s an excellent way to get feedback on new designs but also in attending community events we are able to contribute to local commerce.
We also frequently give donations to preferred local charities in the form of goods (silent auctions etc.) and supplies (wood supports, art materials).

Q: How do you spread the word about your business?

A: We rely primarily on Social Media, attending events and, of course, the all powerful word of mouth!

Q:What do you value most in other businesses?

A: Is it local? Can I get it local? What are the best environmental practices/services that align with our needs? Do they have a similar mandate as us?

Q:What inspires and motivates you on a daily basis?

A: Since partnering with local designers I feel a responsibility to best represent their work. The same for vendors who carry our pieces, we’re so thankful for their support so how can we show that in return?

Q:Any tips to pass on to new business owners?

A: Be prepared for the unexpected and don’t try to do everything all at once!

Q:Do you have any goals for the remainder of 2019?

A: We do, but it’s under wraps…for now 🙂

Reclaimed Print Co



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(604) 367-5500

Tue – Fri: 9am – 3pm
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