Siply curates the best coffee shops in all of Vancouver then gives you unbeatable deals on drinks. All you have to do is choose a shop, choose a drink, and save!
Siply is your chance to taste the best coffee from Vancouver’s hidden gems, while receiving exclusive deals only available to Siply members. With easy in-app ordering, Siply is the easiest and tastiest way to save money, and drink high quality on the go!

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Tom, Founder of Siply
Q: What type of business is Siply? Do you have a slogan?

A: Coffee Lifestyle Business – helping consumers to “Drink Better Coffee” through love and affection for the coffee industry.

Q: What sets you apart from other businesses in your niche?

A: Only app of its kind in Canada, and linked to a highly respected & followed coffee blog (Vancouver Coffee Snob).

Q: What are you best known for?

A: Integrity in promoting the best independent local coffee shops.

Q: What are your most popular features of the app?

A: Users love the Savings they get from using the Siply app.

Q: How do you participate in your community?

A: Frequent active engagement in the coffee community – with a focus on identifying and supporting the best interests of both consumers and shop owners.

Q: How do you spread the word about your business?

A: Through the Vancouver Coffee Snob blog, email, and Instagram.

Q:What do you value most in other businesses?

A: Customer service, great people and great experiences.

Q:What inspires and motivates you on a daily basis?

A: The challenge to create a great solution and create jobs in his adopted country of Canada.

Q:Any tips to pass on to new business owners?

A: Learn to say “No” to things – time is the only thing you can’t buy more of. Ideas are great, but it’s all in the execution so share everything, listen, and actively learn.

Q:Do you have any goals for the remainder of 2019?

A: Expand the markets Siply serves to Toronto then into the US to create a united network of 1000+ high quality coffee shops.



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